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Preparing Your Ranch For Winter
Preparing Your Ranch For Winter
Posted by Roger Bailey on 11/10/2010
Winters can be mild in some climates and harsh in others. Where you live will depend on the type of care you need to take with your horse’s and your farm or ranch. Any type of winter will be colder than the summer time, so it is important to prepare for winter weather regardless of if it is a mild winter or severe winter.

Cowboy hats are great items to have with you during the hot summers. Cowboy hats keep the hot sun off your face and neck. It also can be nice to be shaded so you can see. Cowboy hats are also good during the winter time because they protect your head from the cold.

Winter blankets are offer protection from the cold as well. Horse blankets are great accessories that keep your animal warm in colder climates. With a variety of sizes, types, and materials you can often find one that fits your climate and need.

Colder climates will obviously require more protective accessories for the cold than milder climate. Thicker horse blankets will be necessary. Milder climates will be able to get by with light-weight blankets.

During winter time there often is not a lot of food in the fields for horse’s to eat. A good alternative to this is to make sure you have enough hay or pellets to give to your horse so they are healthy. It is important to make sure their feeding needs are being met during the cold winter months.

Heating systems may be required in your barns if the weather is severe enough. You also want to be sure that there is enough food and supplies in your barn to take care of your animal just in case you get snowed in for a time. It is always better to be prepared.

Make sure there is enough air circulation. You don’t want horses to get sick in your barn because of stale air. Having proper air circulation lowers the chance of your horse getting a respiratory problem.

Preparing your ranch and horses for winter is always good. It is always best to be safe than sorry. Prepare ahead and make sure you are ready for winter this season.

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