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Repairing Your Cowboy Boots Yourself

Cowboy boots are constantly being exposed to severe weather conditions, hard surfaces, and rough terrain. Chances are they will get damaged after this type of exposure, at some point. Boots go through a lot, and need to be tough.

Even minor damage can cause your boots to be unrepairable if they are not taken care of properly. It is imperative to repair your boots on time if you do notice a problem with your boots. Don't wear out your nice boots because you choose to not take care of them in a timely fashion.

Cracks in your boot's sole can be fixed with Shoe Goo. Shoe Goo is a great adhesive that seals in the splits, or cracks, of your sole. Shoe Goo is used with boots and shoes made out of leather, or rubber, and can be found for a relatively inexpensive price.

If your boot is scratched, you can easily fix it. Most cowboy boots are still made out of leather material. Try using a leather lotion on any scratches on your boot.

Leather lotion smooths your boots while you use it. This added moisture helps prevent cracks from cropping up in the future. Leather lotion is easy to apply to cowboy boots. All you need is a soft cloth and you wipe the lotion over the outside of your boots.

Boots that are made from suede materials shouldn't use leather lotion, but rather a dry cleaning bar. Dry cleaning bar "erases" the scratches made on a suede boot. Your boot can look as good as new if you follow up the cleaning bar with a brush over the suede material.

If there are any leaks in your boot those should be taken care of as well. Apply a waterproofing substance, like mink oil, to your cowboy boots. After applying the oil you can also apply a water-proof spray on the seems to keep them sealed and protected. Wait until the oil is dry to spray the boots.

There are many different repairs that can be done easily. However, if your boots have more serious need of repair don't hesitate to call on a professional. Boot repair shops are the best way of saving seriously damaged boots.