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Serratelli Hats
Serratelli Hats
Posted by Kevin Neilson on 2/13/2012
The Serratelli Hat Company is one of the oldest known hat-making companies still in operation today. Founded in 1878 by Pio Serratelli, it is surprisingly still run by the Serratelli family. Serratelli hats began with the “blown roundings” form of assembly and are still made the same way today.

Raw materials are collected for making the hat, whether it is wool, fur, or both. The materials are organized by color and texture, to ensure continuity. Binders are added to the material. It is then pressed into a flat round brim. Another piece of material is shaped over a mandrel and sewn to the rounded frame.

After being sown together, the hat can be dyed to the requested color. When the material is not as uniform in shade, darker dyes will be used. When the material is more uniform, it is possible to dye the hat a lighter color. Because lighter hats require more work and inspection, they usually cost more.

The dyed and dried hat can then be left 10-gallon style or be creased to add more shape to the top. The hat is then steamed to solidify the shape in both the crown and brim. After it cools, the sweatband, lining, and trim are added as finishing touches.

Serratelli Hats sell their hats with a coded system of X’s. The more X’s there are, the higher the quality of the hat. For example, the 1,000X Entre III is the finest, smoothest, and most durable cowboy hat available. It is made of the best quality fur possible. Serratelli Hats continue to sell well in the United States and seem to have no end in sight for their longstanding history and reputation.

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