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Cinch menís softshell jacket underlines what understated Western fashion should be. Cinch clothing designs are in line with the best looking jackets today, but are unmistakably unique. It has warming features that, being a softshell jacket, donít restrict movement. It is also water-resistant, making it perfect for damp and wet winter weather.

Moreover, cleaning the Cinch jacket is easy: just throw it into the washing machine. It is made of high-grade materials with a high-quality YKK zipper closure, so you donít have to worry about machine washing it.

From jackets to long-sleeve shirts, Cinch has a wide array of apparel that focuses on style and quality. AA Callister features a comprehensive range of Cinch clothing, so make sure to browse through our extensive product options.

Cinch's style goes well with mainstream and Western fashion alike. Buy one for yourself Ė or for your husband, son, or father. Surely, you will appreciate the quality of our products.