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A straw hat protects your head from the heat of the sun and helps reduce the possibility of heatstroke when you’re out in the field. It also serves as a fashion statement or, to some organizations, a uniform. With that said, AA Callister offers American straw cowboy hats for men, women, and kids alike.

A Type of Headgear for Everybody - Cowboy hats are most commonly associated with rodeo and other aspects of the American West. They are also a popular choice for ranch workers and country singers in other countries. For this reason, it comes in a variety of options.

Every Hat Has a Story to Tell - Many people shop for straw cowboy hats based on the aesthetics, but here’s a little something about the headgear: each one has a story to tell. To some people, they are the most telling item of the entire Western attire.

Whether they are for women or kids, straw cowboy hats have a telling design. Characteristics such as color, material, and shape will give you an idea if the person wearing it is a rancher, stockbroker, bull rider, or buckaroo.  Even how new or how worn out it looks can give you a clue about the wearer’s personality. In fact, even the mere color of it says something about the wearer.

AA Callister has a wide array of straw cowgirl hats and cowboy hats in store for you. Find one that matches your personality today!