Eponashoe Open Flexible Horseshoe - Pair | AA Callister Back

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Item Number: EPT0001

The EponaShoe is a flexible horseshoe made of modern composite polymers. It makes use of four types of polymer to create the most effective flexible shoe design ever. A flexible shoe is the ideal tradeoff between what is natural for the horse, & the demands we ask of the horse. Most plastic shoes are either too hard or too soft. Plastic shoes that are too hard can cause pressure points under the sole & make some horses sore. This problem is more apparent with plastic shoes than with metal because plastic shoes always have a wider web than metal shoes, hence, they reach in under the sole further. On the other hand, plastic shoes that are too soft will not hold nails & will not keep their shape. The EponaShoe is the first shoe to solve this problem by using two materials on the sole side of the shoe. The EponaShoe is hard & stiff where the nails go, but soft & supportive under the sole. This shoe can be nailed on or glued on. Uses Mustad MX 60 nails. Used with the EponaShoe Hoof Packing. Helps with all types of hoof problems. It is made of polyurethane, which is closer to the natural hoof wall unlike steel horseshoes.


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