Kerckhaert Sx7 Hind Horseshoes - Pair | AA Callister Back

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Item Number: FPD0007

This was the first series Kerckhaert developed specifically for the North American market. A light, strong shoe, the SX-7 series is widely used by horses of many disciplines, including Quarter Horses, light hunters & Thoroughbreds. The precise punching for slim blade nails (or race nails in smaller sizes) provides a shoe that can easily be used for the normal foot as well as smaller hooves & horses with thin walls. Kerckhaert's unique ability to design front & hind shapes, allows the user to minimize the amount of shaping work necessary to get an optimum fit; making the shoes symmetrical, not left & right as in the European styles. The unique beveled edges of the material provide a safe & professional finish to the shoeing job. Sold per pair.


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