Kerckhaert Sx8 Hind Horseshoes - Pair | AA Callister Back

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Item Number: FPD0010

The perfect complement to the SX-7 is the SX-8. It is a wider, 5/16 inch (8 mm) thick shoe designed for heavy duty use. The SX-8 is widely used by horses that require more strength & support from their shoes, from the mountains & ranches of the west in America to the courses & jumping areas of the A show circuit. The precise punching for city or slim blade nails allows for strong nailing with placement that works for the perimeter fit of the range or the set back, full fit often used on the show circuit. A specially designed toe provides strength & balance to the shoe. Kerckhaert's unique ability to design front & hind shapes allows the user to minimize the amount of shaping work necessary to get an optimum fit. The shoes are symmetrical, not left & right as in the European styles. This is the most popular shoe in the A circuit of North America. The horses that work for a living on the ranches & in the rougher terrains also rely on the strength & features of this shoe. Sold per pair.


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